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If you are having trouble setting up your online user account using the wizard, please contact us on 800 Aber (9898) or through aber.rak@psd.rak.ae and we will be happy to assist you.


Yes. You can add your tag to your existing account through walk to Public Service department main office or Al Saddi toll station to get support.

Recharge balance in Aber accounts are not refundable nor transferable to another customers. The balance will remain in the account.

Once you are logged in to your account at  webselfcare https://selfcare.aber.rak.ae/ or smart Aber application, you will see a dashboard showing your recent activities. 

To check your ِAber account balance you may use one of the channels below :

  • Smart Aber App.
  • webselfcare https://selfcare.aber.rak.ae/
  • Contact us on 800 Aber (9898) 
  • POS

If you sell your vehicle, you need to remove Aber tag from the sold vehicle and deactivate the tag from your Aber account immediately. Failure to do that will result in charging any toll fees incurred by the new vehicles owner to your account and might turn into violations if there was no balance in your account. You can deactivate the tag by visit an aber customer services location

The balance will remain in the account 

If you pass through the toll gate with insufficient balance in your account, you have a grace period of five (3) working days from the trip date to recharge your account. Failure to do that, will result with a violation on your vehicle.

Yes, you should. However,the SMS service is a value added service therefore you are responsible to check your balance regularly to avoid any violations. You can do this through any of the channels below :

  • Aber smart app
  • Aber webselfcare
  • Call on 800 Aber (9898) 
  • POS

How does it work ?

  • If you drive through an Aber toll gate without an Aber tag on your vehicle,  Failure to do that, violations will be imposed your vehicles based on Aber violations  low 


Yes you can. In fact this is the easiest and most convenient way to manage your Aber account and avoid any violations. Auto top ups are available through Rak bank, however  you will need to confirm with rak bank if they provide this service on your account or not.

There are multiple channels to recharge your account :

  • Aber smart app and Aber webselfcare.
  • Auto top ups through online banking.
  •  POS offices

You can Recharge someone else's account if you have their account number . You can do so through the channels below :

  • ِAber Smart APP
  • Aber Webselfcare
  • POS Offices

You can recharge a ber account with an amount not less than the amount required for your vehicles to pass through the gates  to avoid violations.



No, Tags are not transferable. Each vehicle should have its own tag.
Yes you can use the Aber gates once the taq install it correctly on your windscreen ant topup the aber account to avoid any violations.

If your Aber tag gets damaged you need to purchase a new tag to replace it. 

If your Aber Tag is lost or stolen you need to Deactivate it immediately or you will be responsible for any tolls incurred by that tag and you need to replace it with a new Aber tag. You can Deactivate the tag through call on 800 Aber (9898) 


The total cost of a Aber tag is AED 40

You can purchase your tag by submit the required registration documents to public services department main office  or alsaadi toll gate

Tolls and Charges

No. Trips through Aber gates are chargeable during the holidays and chargeable 24/7 hrs.

The rule of 5% VAT is not yet applicable on any Aber services such as recharge, purchase new tag and toll fees.


You can view your recent trips, pending trips and violations on :

  • Aber Smart App
  • aber webselfcare 
  • Main PSD Offfice
  • If your vehicle is registered in Ras Al Kheima, you can view the violations on RAK Police website, and if your vehicle is registered in any other Emirate, you can view the violations on Abu Dhabi Police website 

    There are two types of Aber violations: Insufficient Funds in your account and Unregistered Plate

    Insufficient Funds(ISF violations)

    If you drive through an Aber toll gate with insufficient balance in your Aber account to cover the toll fee and you don’t recharge your account within 3 working days from the date and the time of the trip, you will get  violations. 

    Unregistered Plate(URP violations)

    If you drive through an Aber toll gate without a registered Aber tag on your vehicle and you don’t purchase and register a tag within 3 working days from the date of the first trip, you’ll get a violation

    Aber violations  to be paid in person by visiting PSD main office during the listed timings.